Branding projects are our happy place. We love working with clients on branding projects because they give you an opportunity to look at and assess every part of how you tell the story about the work you do.

Whether you are looking to rebrand, or simply update your brand, jabber logic has a detailed approach, which we’ve outlined below. The average budget for a full rebranding project with a company or organization is $45,000 (15,000-100,000, all depending on what is needed for the project).

Here is an overview of the steps we take when working on a branding project:

Brand Audit

Brand Audit

We assess your current brand elements including logo, colors, typography, messaging, values etc. Then we provide a research report with recommendations on how to evolve your brand.



This phase begins the deep dive into our recommendations. During this phase we build a creative brief and get to know your audiences and messaging through meetings and focus groups.



Now we use everything we’ve learned to create a new logo, including color palette and typography to create brand guidelines and templates (think letterhead, business cards, PowerPoint) to ensure consistency with your new brand.



At the same time design is happening, we’ll also take our learnings and outline new brand messaging with brand pillars and detailed profiles of your audiences. The goal of this phase is to make sure you have the tools you need to share your brand’s story effectively.

Marketing Planning

We love working with clients to create marketing and campaign plans to help them reach their goals. Even better, we create them in partnership with you in order to ensure you have the tools you need to work the plan.

Marketing planning projects range from $5,000-10,000 on average, and can include any or all of the elements outlined below:



We assess one area of your organization (a program, campaign, project, event) in detail and provide recommendations in a creative brief.



We build the plan for you with a breakdown of the audience, what channels should be used to reach them, messaging framework, and sample communications plan.


Plan Design

We design the plan beautifully with your brand to either present or work from.



We walk you, your team, or your Board of Directors through our process to strategically create marketing plan recommendations and provide you with notes from the meeting.


What if you have a project that doesn’t quite fit into Branding or Marketing Planning? We’ve got you covered! jabber logic’s consulting services offer customized solutions to problems you face that might not fit within those categories, but are still very much related to Branding and Marketing.

The rate for consulting services is $150/hour for each staff member involved. We can also work with you to create a package to help you achieve your goals, with a minimum of $5,000 per project. Our clients ask us to consult on everything from social media, content creation, curriculum development, product development, annual report design, and organizational strategic planning.

Here are some examples:


Audience/Persona Development

People are at the heart of Marketing and Branding. Do you understand the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the populations you serve and communicate with? We’ll work with you to identify and name your current audiences and assess who you should be targeting based on the work you do.



Taken out of the context of Branding or Marketing Planning, we can audit and assess any area of your organization and provide our recommendations. One of our strengths is seeing connections between all the different pieces that you might be too close to see.


Curriculum Development

Curriculum is a lot like Branding and Marketing. It must be easy to follow, engaging, and compelling. The content must be introduced in a variety of ways to meet the needs of different learners.

Using our audience development and strategy processes, we develop a curriculum with instructional design plans that include:

-Instructional goals
-Instructional strategies
-Instructor guide
-Learner materials

*minimum $10,000 project



We can be objective facilitators in any setting or any meeting to hold your group accountable to determining strategy, vision, or even action steps to solve the problem you face.


We are so passionate about teaching what we know and equipping amazing humans with the tools they need to succeed, that we also offer Branding and Marketing trainings! Our training services provide affordable Branding and Marketing courses for individuals, organizations, social enterprises, and nonprofits. Learn more about trainings we create and offer.