1) Listen

We spend time listening to you because you are the expert. We listen to who you are, what your current situation is, the needs you have, and the problem you’re looking to solve.

Curious about what that looks like? Check out our Discovery meeting agenda.


2) Question

After listening, we begin to ask questions so we can discover the root of the problem you face and the best possible solution. If there is a service you require that we don’t offer (such as website redesign and digital marketing), we can refer you to our trusted partners.


3) Create

If we can solve your problem, we move into the most exciting and creative step. We take what we’ve learned and create whatever is needed to solve your problem – a plan, sample content, messaging, audience definition, campaign plans, training, curriculum, etc. Through the use of sophisticated analytics, marketing methods, and marketing channels, we make sure you deliver the right messages to the right audiences.

Check out this sample Creative Brief for a sneak peek on the types of plans we create for clients.


4) Test

Once we’ve created the solution to your problem, we test it to see how well it works. When it comes to marketing and branding, there’s so much we don’t know until we put something out there and test it. It can be scary, but this is our area of expertise, and we love to test!


5) Iterate

Based on results of the test, we make adjustments so that you arrive at the results you need. If necessary, we may go through steps 3-5 a few times before arriving at the ultimate solution to your problem.

This method creates magic, which produces results because we are able to see all of the pieces, find connections, and anticipate how everything comes together to tell a story.