While we would love to work with every person and organization, that isn’t always possible. For that reason, we adapted our model to include teaching classes. The AHA moments our clients have are what we live for, so teaching classes became a natural fit. Providing class opportunities also allows us to have a greater impact on the nonprofit community and leverage the experience and knowledge we have for good.

Every organization has talent and ability. With our classes, participants have the opportunity to focus that talent and ability by going through our skill-based training. In addition to covering the hard skills of a Branding and Marketing project, our classes also offer a space to pause, think about your problem in a different way, and see how it’s possible for you to achieve your goals with the resources you already have. Sometimes you just need to be surrounded by other people going through the same thing you are!

To be inclusive and facilitate more of these AHA moments, we offer a variety of classes with a combination of in-person and online opportunities. Our easily accessible online learning platform offers the greatest variety of classes.

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