Why We Help Organizations Helping Others

jabber logic’s co-founder, Amee McDonald, recalls the moment she learned she had to hide her personal story. During the final stages of an interview for a Director level position, the corporate recruiter asked Amee to write about the three greatest accomplishments in her life. She included two professional examples of growing multi-million dollar client accounts and one personal: she graduated college.

Amee comes from a blue collar family where a college education wasn’t the norm. If it weren’t for the support of social workers and some amazing teachers (shout out to Mr. Reaume and Mr. Walker), Amee barely would have graduated let alone applied to college. The corporate recruiter told her to change her answer because all of the candidates graduated from college. Professionals love to talk about helping the less fortunate but get uncomfortable when those who have been helped openly talk about the assistance they’ve received.

Our entire team at jabber logic has been supported by organizations and people helping others. Organizations helping others saved one of us from the cycle of abuse. Organizations helping others saved one of us from hunger. Organizations helping others saved one of us from chronic illness. We’re not afraid to talk about why we’re really in this. We believe that sharing our personal stories connects us to our clients and the populations they serve.


Meet the Team

Amee McDonald // Co-founder & CEO

Amee McDonald never quite fit into corporate America. She honed her natural analytical skills with positions at Northwest Airlines in International Pricing Operations, at Marketing Architects in Account Development, and at Mediaspace Solutions as Director of Innovation. But she longed to fulfill her passion for helping nonprofits and social enterprises. In 2011, Amee and her husband Clint founded jabber logic: an ad agency alternative for small businesses and nonprofits. Since then, Amee has been honored as one of AdFed’s 32 Under 32 young professionals in marketing and as one of Minnesota Business Magazine’s The (Real) Power 50. She has served on the board of nonprofit FamilyWise since 2012 and is an adjunct instructor at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Emily Werdal // Print & Digital Designer

Emily Werdal is a graphic designer with experience in branding, typography, user experience, mobile, and web design. She graduated with a BFA in graphic design from Iowa State University. As a student, she interned in design for Iowa State Football and Thinix, where she developed a full brand for EasyView.com and applied it to web and mobile channels. She later interned for Medtronic, working full-time on the digital side of their rebranding process. With jabber logic, she designed brand guidelines and branded collateral for Orman Guidance as a part-time employee, before being hired as our full-time print and digital designer. She has a passion for branding and typography. See her full portfolio at www.emilywerdal.com.

For most of her adolescent years, Emily was raised by a hardworking, single mother just trying to give her children the best childhood that she could. Emily has learned that to succeed she had to be fiercely independent, with an incredible about of perseverance, and a willingness to learn.

Emily was a broke college student who barely had enough money to pay for bills every month. But with the help of SNAP, she was able to put food on the table while working her first graphic design internship (did she mention it was unpaid!) all the while working another part time job AND going to school. Emily is a big advocate for living a healthy life. She continues to sign up to run many 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons as well as volunteering her time on the sidelines at other times!