At jabber logic, we value authenticity. By intentionally creating an environment that breaks the personal and professional divide we live out this value. It is important that our office is a place where we can safely challenge each other, show up with our emotions, and talk openly. Having a safe space to be who we are in turn creates an environment where we can be creative. We also believe that by having this space for ourselves we can show up as we are and best support others.

Here are some of our office rules that demonstrate the safe space we create for the team and the people we support:

  • Crying is allowed.
  • Failure is not a bad thing.
  • Talking about your personal life is encouraged.
  • It’s okay to be friends with your coworkers.


Organizations are made up of people. People are human, which means they aren’t perfect. When individual people are working through growth opportunities, challenging past situations both personally and professionally, trauma, or dysfunction, it can lead to organizational dysfunction.

At jabber logic, we’re people, too. Everyone on our team has been that person that either contributed to organizational dysfunction or felt the dysfunction and didn’t know what to do about it.

Marketing and branding are what people reach out to us for, but we end up working with them to break the cycle of dysfunction, both on a personal and organizational level. Because we’ve been there, we feel passionate about coaching individuals to embrace who they are and work through their challenges to be the best leaders or professional marketers and branders they can be.

By following our method, we map out how to get you to a more functional place using the tools and plans we provide. Combining interpersonal and strategic solutions to solve your marketing or branding issue provides the best results in our experience!